Pavilion Cares E.A.P.( Employee Assistance Program)

A fraction of the cost of most reactive EAP's
Face to face response
24 x 7 personal contact
Weekly counselor/pastor proactive visits

Our affordable employee assistance program lead to: 
Less Absenteeism
Increased Productivity
Happier Employees

Call Bill Hopple for more information
(352) 239 - 1339

Elizabeth Oakes - Director of Pavilion Cares

My name is Elizabeth Oakes and I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I moved to San Antonio in 2006 and then to Houston in 2007. I had a daughter in 2008 and worked instead of finishing my degree at that time. In November 2017 we moved to Austin and have enjoyed our time here so far. 

I worked at River Pointe Church for 8 years where I did Member Care, Missions Ministry and helped open Barnhill & Associates Counseling Center. I have also worked in the oil and gas industry and a funeral home in 2017.

I am happy to have found Pavilion and am currently working to start Pavilion Cares. I am also finishing my Associates degree in Mortuary Science. I am excited to be a part of this wonderful program and continue my life in a healthy, positive way.

Bill Hopple - Director of Business Development (Pavilion Cares)

My family and I relocated to the Austin area from Savannah, Georgia in April 2017.

I am happily married for 40 years to a wonderful lady and have started and developed businesses in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee for 35 years. I am currently on the executive board of a multi-million dollar family trust fund but this is my first non-profit board of directors position. I am excited about the opportunity presented to me.

Along with the board of directors, I have also been asked to assume the role of director of development for Pavilion. I have put all of my current business ventures on hold in order to pursue my interest in assisting Gordon Butler with Pavilion. I see all of my experience was in preparation to assisting with the development of this valuable non-profit.