Internet/Cell Phone Service/Computers

AT&T Low Cost Internet Plan

Low cost internet for those who qualify (must be a participant in SNAP program). $5 - $10 per month. 3 - 10 Mbs, 250 Gb monthly cap.

Spectrum Internet Assist

Low cost internet for those who qualify (must have SSI, National School Lunch Program, or CEP (Community Eligibility Program)). $14.99 - $19.99 per month. 30 Mbs/no cap.


Assurance Wireless

Phones and smartphones with free minutes, texting and data. Free to people with: food stamps, SSI, medicaid, public housing, section 8, federal CHIP, head start, or tribal TANF or low income.


Safelink Wireless

Talk, unlimited text, free data. Free, but up-gradable for a cost.


Website for finding inexpensive computers/computer training courses/cheap internet service